MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit

UD Replicas Flies High With MAN OF STEEL Leather Jacket, Pants & Boots

UD Replicas makes available for purchase its ( MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit ) leather jacket, pants and boots, which created a huge buzz when they were previewed at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Every inch of the impeccably crafted MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit is imbued with the power and heroism of Superman.

MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit         MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit

Each MAN OF STEEL suit features the SUPERMAN chest logo and belt buckle, with trim detailing made from injection-molded, flexible rubber body armor. All suit jackets incorporate form-molded leather muscle groups in the front torso, as well as the back, shoulders and biceps, and also have a removable collar. Pants feature muscle groups in the front thigh.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the eye-popping MAN OF STEEL leather suits also include removable CE-approved body armor in the forearms, elbow, shoulder and back-spine areas of the jacket, and in the sides, knees and shins of the pants.

Inspired by the massively successful Warner Bros. film, the MAN OF STEEL leather jackets and pants are designed in a deep-blue suede leather, modeled directly after the costume worn on screen by Henry Cavill. The boots are made of red-suede leather, and both the jackets and boots feature raised silicone chain-mail in the design.

A “dream sequence” version, designed in all black-and-gray hues, is also available, both featuring the instantly recognizable SUPERMAN “S” logo, as well as the General ZOD all black leather suit.

Available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, the jackets and pants in the MAN OF STEEL suit zip together at the waist line and are made from Grade-A cowhide.

UD Replicas’ MAN OF STEEL Replica Suit can be purchased as a set Jackets, pants and boots can also be purchased separately.

Full pricing and immediate ordering, for delivery in early 2014, is available now at UD Replicas’ website,

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