Kubotek USA Readies for KeyCreator 2014, Kubotek Validation Tool 2014 and Kubotek ECO Manager 2014

Kubotek USA continues its leadership in direct modeling by rolling out KeyCreator 2014. KeyCreator 2014 will include new options for photorealistic rendering, a new free student version, a new integrated Wire-EDM option and hundreds of customer driven enhancements to KeyCreator Direct CAD.


The 2014 Kubotek product line also includes new versions of Validation Tool CAD Data Validation software and ECO Manager CAD Comparison software with many new features and enhancements, such as a new PowerPoint Toolbar and 3D PDF reporting functionality.

As the most complete Direct Modeler available, KeyCreator 2014 continues to add more tools to aid design and manufacturing professionals. For instance, KeyCreator Artisan is a brand new option that gives users easy-to-use tools to create photorealistic images from 3D models. This new application contains pre-packaged lighting and environments and a library of drag and drop materials. Once the rendering options are defined, they remain linked to the model throughout any model revisions or updates. With these plentiful rendering and image creation options, high quality photorealistic images can be quickly produced.

The new KeyCreator Student Version is available free of charge to approved, eligible students. The KeyCreator Student Version contains the same professional-level precision design tools available as the commercial version of KeyCreator, including Adobe PDF output capabilities and 3D STL for rapid prototyping. File exporting capabilities are limited. The KeyCreator Student Version license is renewable annually. Students will have unlimited access to Kubotek University where hundreds of courses and learning aids are available. Students simply need to request a KeyCreator Student Version license here.

KeyCreator Machinist is the easiest to use and most cost effective 2- through 3-axis CAM solution for mold, die & tooling, wood working, rapid prototyping and general machining. The KeyCreator Machinist NC module will include a new Wire EDM option for 2 and 2.5 axis NC milling. The integration of KeyCreator Machinist and KeyCreator Direct CAD means users can take advantage of many direct editing features and functions. The software creates ultra-fast tool path generation allowing users to optimize machining strategies by running multiple tool path options.

User-driven improvements and updates to KeyCreator Direct CAD include several drawing related enhancements that fuel productivity. Users with large drawing files will like the new time-saving “Quick Open” option. This feature is extremely valuable for users who need to jump back and forth between models and drawings. Another new feature is the automated creation of drawing revisions from layouts. This automation speeds the release of drawings to production by eliminating many steps and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Other noteworthy enhancements include updated translators, the flexible selection of geometry sets for reuse in later functions, and the use of DynaHandle ToolTips as editable fields for quick, precise moves. This type of direct editing gives users even more options to build the models in the quickest and best way they see fit. Additionally, future KeyCreator 2014 releases will see the addition of animation with collision detection.

Scott Sweeney, Vice President of Marketing states, “KeyCreator Direct CAD is becoming the de-facto one-stop-shop solution for mold makers, manufacturers and designers that need to work with multiple file formats, collaborate in the supply chain and get work done quickly and efficiently. Our complete direct modeling package will allow one person to design, simulate motion, simulate stress, edit files, create drawings, machine parts or create photorealistic images all in one very competitively priced and easy to learn software package. Of course, the package also allows large teams of design and manufacturing professionals to use any or all elements of our Direct CAD software to master their geometry.”

Validation Tool 2014 and ECO Manager 2014 continue to help customers meet OEM quality standards and prevent incorrect 3D data from entering into the design and manufacturing stream. The 2014 product releases will focus on ease of use for customers and the ability to better organize results, capitalizing on previous user interface improvements. Features such as a PowerPoint tool bar will make it easier for users to generate more meaningful comparison or quality reports specific to their company’s needs. Automatic 3D PDF report creation will aid in the visualization of engineering change orders, resulting in better communication and collaboration.

Tony Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, ECO Manager Business Unit says, “companies like Parker Hannifin and The Boeing Corporation have come to depend on our CAD Data Management and CAD Comparison products to enhance collaboration, reduce costs and reduce risk throughout their design to manufacture process. Kubotek allows companies to master the communication of their geometry, regardless of the CAD file type or whether they use 3D Model Based Definition (3D MBD) or paper drawings. You can even integrate automated 3D design change management software it into your existing PLM/PDM systems.”

KeyCreator 2014 is scheduled for official release on September 17, 2013. Validation Tool 2014 and ECO Manager 2014 are scheduled to ship Fall 2013. Free trials and updated product information can be found on www.kubotek3d.com.