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StudyMode, an ed-tech company dedicated to helping students succeed, launched Jewels of Wisdom. The game, which works as an extension of StudyMode’s flashcard site, provides users a fun, visually-engaging online platform to study nearly any topic. Players can load questions from any of the 70 million pre-set flashcards already available on, or they can customize their game by using their own unique flashcards.

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Jewels Of Wisdom

“Learning by rote is a critical part of many academic fields,” said Blaine Vess, Co-Founder and CEO of StudyMode. “There’s just no way around it; kids have to memorize their multiplication tables, history students have to memorize dates and language scholars have to memorize verb conjugations. But it doesn’t have to be tedious. At StudyMode, we develop ed-tech solutions to help students succeed. Jewels of Wisdom takes the process of rote learning and makes it interactive, engaging and entertaining.”

About Jewels of Wisdom

Jewels of Wisdom is an online study game that challenges users to match words, phrases or images with their correct definitions. It takes the concept of flashcards, a tried and true study method, and adds the element of competitive gaming to help foster greater student engagement with the material.

Key Features:

  • Pick Your Device: Jewels of Wisdom is available for any device with a web browser – iPhones, Androids, iPads, PCs, Macs and more
  • Personalize Your Game: Learn the periodic table, memorize the quadratic equation or test your knowledge of Renaissance painters. Create the game that meets your specific study needs
  • Compete with Friends: Play against friends and classmates by using the same flashcard set
  • Own the Leaderboards: Earn high scores and move to the top of the Leaderboard
  • Easy to Play: Visit, select a set of flashcards or create your own set, then just click the “Games” tab to launch your game

“The beauty of Jewels of Wisdom is that it really is fun,” continued Vess. “We designed it with students in mind but anybody with a love of trivia and a competitive spirit is going to enjoy it.”

SOURCE StudyMode