INU Smart Scooter Futuristic Transportation Available For Preorder

 Green Ride, the company behind INU Smart Scooter, the premium, smart, foldable vehicle, has announced that customers can now reserve their very own INU Smart Scooter. Green Ride is also opening its showroom in Palo Alto. Visitors of the showroom will also be able to reserve their INU Smart Scooter on the spot or online. As a luxurious scooter, INU puts the rider at the center of the user experience with a phone dock, GPS, GSM, and even WiFi to allow them to ride in style.
INU Smart Scooter By Green Ride
As the urbanization of the world continues, urbanites are continuously looking toward modes of transportation that fit more naturally into all contexts of their lives. That’s why Green Ride has developed INU, the natural solution for urban transportation, which boasts cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art tech.

INU is an electric scooter that folds on command. Users can actually give it a voice command, a hand gesture, or use the Green Ride app and it’ll fold.

INU was created with a sleek, modern design in mind for people who love to ride in style in the city. Equipped with a phone dock, GPS, and GSM, INU meets the highest standards of personal tech in vehicles.

“The opening of our showroom in Palo Alto is a transformative moment for us,” said Green Ride’s CEO Ori Dadoosh. “Our team has put in so much work and countless hours perfecting the INU’s design and advanced technology. We are excited to begin sharing it with the world.”

INU Smart Scooter By Green Ride

To reserve an INU Smart Scooter – people are asked to visit the Green Ride website which is offering discounts on early-bird reservations.

Green Ride will begin rolling out the INU in 2017, aimed at premium consumers. It is offered in three different models, which differ according to how much distance they can travel when fully charged: 12 miles, 18 miles, and 24 miles. All models are computer-limited to 15.5 mph, to meet safety standards. INU weighs 55 lb, supports up to 264 lb in weight, and has a Brushless hub-motor of 500W or 750W. It charges from 0% to 100% in about three hours and will retail at $2999, $3999 and $4999 respectively.  See More Specs

Green Ride’s new showroom is located at 435 University Ave, Palo Alto.

To find out more visit the INU by Green Ride Website or on Facebook 
INU Smart Scooter By Green Ride

About Green Ride

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Green Ride was founded in 2013 by a group of senior automotive engineers, designers and business management experts who realized the time has come for a fundamental change in urban mobility. Modern urban residents are commuters rushing to meet their location-dynamic schedules. Convenient, safe and cost-effective transit is the key for individual freedom. These are the concepts that have motivated Green Ride in the creation of INU, this generation’s vehicle, which best represents the expectations of those who want to live their cities in a freedom never experienced before.